Charlie Drake – You Never Know

Peter Gabriel’s first post Genesis record, “You Never Know” by British comedian Charlie Drake (an acquired taste and “comedian” might be stretching it.)
Featuring Phil Collins and Percy Jones (who were by then in Brand X,) Robert Fripp, Keith Tippett and Peter Gabriel, who produced and co-wrote the song with a friend called Martin Hall. Brian Eno may also have been involved.
And playing “the groupie?” Sandy Denny!


Elton Drake with Fotheringay

Reading Mick Houghton’s Sandy Denny book reminded me of this;

In 1970, Elton John and Linda Peters (who would become Linda Thompson) made an album of demos of songs by writers signed to Warlock Music, the publishing arm of Joe Boyd’s Witchseason label. There were songs by John Martyn, Beverley Martyn, Mike Heron and four by Nick Drake, the idea being that the songs might be covered by other artists if heard in a more pop-oriented vein. The Sandy Denny connection is that the band on the demos was Fotheringay’s Jerry Donahue, Jerry Conway and bass-player Pat Donaldson (who is still making great records like the first Staves album…) The three recently toured in support of the Fotheringay Nothing More collection.
Here’s one of the four videos from that box set.