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Francis Macdonald – Hamilton Mausoleum Suite

Fellow fashion victim Francis Macdonald has a new classical piece coming out very soon and here he is on the front of the Arts section of The Herald last Saturday…there is a picture not dissimilar to this on Francis’ blog (linked from here under “Cool Stuff” below.  Between “Zoella” and “Plain or Pan” – who’s not eclectic?)
“Scales from the Crypt” though? And I don’t think “reincarnation” is quite the right word.
But I shouldn’t be too hard on The Herald – I’m a little in love with them today as they’ve sent me a free Kindle Paperwhite after I entered a giveaway a couple of weeks ago.
Joking aside, it gladdened my heart to see this recognition for Francis. I’ve known him for a long time and have an idea of how hard and assiduously he’s worked as a musician, label manager, artist manager, impresario, songwriter and composer in many genres for many years.

Francis MacDonald Teenage Fanclub Glasgow Herald


The cover art for Hamilton Mausoleum Suite, which will be released on Francis’ label on 26 January.  Or Friday.  It’s going to be a big deal, I think and hope.

Francis MacDonald Hamilton Mausoleum Suite

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