Adriano Celentano & Raffaella Carrà – Prisencolinensinainciusol

At one of the shows we attended during the Fringe which I was kind enough not to write about, the audience were asked to tell the person next to them the name of their favourite record.  Man next to me mentioned Ian Dury’s “Reasons to Be Cheerful (Part 3),” which is a good choice…

It must have been banging about in my head, because I remembered this video which my sister-in-law showed me a few years ago (supposedly forwarded by Johnny Marr she had to mention) and I’d never really forgotten.

One of Dury’s many wildly varied reasons to be cheerful is Adriano Celentano, who at the time I thought must be a painter or sculptor, given Dury’s art school background.  Turns out he was a singer, songwriter, dancer, actor and director – I say was, he’s still alive and active at 79.

Although maybe not as active as in the RAI TV performance of his Prisencolinensinainciusol.  This was released as a single in 1972, a duet with his wife Claudia Mori; Rafaella Carra is lip-synching in this performance and I wouldn’t mind a couple of pints of what she’s had to be able to dance with this much enthusiasm…

It’s great; I can imagine it being a lost scene from McGoohan’s The Prisoner as presented on Seaside Special…I bet Lady Gaga studied it (her song Teeth sounds indebted to me.)

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