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Edinburgh Festivals Day Nineteen.

Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Sunday 20 August, three shows, two of which were sadly a waste of time, ill-conceived with little content and no point.  Such is life and that’s going to happen, it’s just the other side of the coin which sometimes yields unheralded and unexpected good surprises (like yesterday.)  I do love the three and a bit weeks of the Fringe and I have a great time – it just doesn’t always feel that way at the time.

However, Stellar QuinesThe Last Queen of Scotland made the day worthwhile. Commissioned by The National Theatre of Scotland and Dundee Rep, this was a newish piece by Jaimini Jethwa exploring the experiences of a Ugandan Asian girl expelled from Uganda by Idi Amin in the 1970s. Like the author, she ended up in Dundee and the play recounts the refugee’s experience in the UK and specifically Dundee. Rehanna MacDonald was outstanding in the central role.

I always try to see Stellar Quines.

The Last Queen of Scotland Stellar Quines

On a different note, does it say more about me than the refurbishment that St Cecilia’s Hall seems to be impersonating a can of Carlsberg Special?

St Cecilia's Hall Edinburgh




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