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Edinburgh Festival Day Fifteen.

2017 Edinburgh Fringe

Wednesday 16 August…

Put the Book Down Theatre Company have devised Mine, a superbly acted and directed monologue played by Maisie Barlow.  Written by Doug Deans in collaboration with Barlow and Thomas Carter, the play explains and explores the feelings of a mother who, it turns out, did not know her son as well as she thought in the wake of his unidentified crime.



Mine - Doug Deans - Put the Book Down


Many plays throughout this Fringe have directly addressed the issues of our weird times; politics, mental illness, dementia, homelessness, alienation, often with collections for related charities afterward.  I don’t remember this sort of subtle campaigning-through-art having been so prevalent before.  It’s a sad comment that it is needed and that these societal problems are now needfully so often raised and dealt with by our artists rather than our elected representatives.

Put the Book Down don’t preach (or take a collection), but highlight the need for tolerance in society by showing us the plight of a woman who is demonised because of the actions of someone she has borne.  There must be loads of people in that position.

Mine ran for almost all of the Fringe’s three weeks, finishing on Sunday 27.

Indie as Fuck by Pinched! Theatre Company was a good way to end the evening – a revue built around the story of a school band getting together again to play one last show.  I especially liked The Cliché Song…

Cabaret bar - Edinburgh Festival 2017

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