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Edinburgh Festival Day Sixteen.

Death on the Nile presented by Livewire Theatre Company

Clearly, sitting here on 30  August, I have got way behind in writing about the Festivals…but with a few alterations to tenses, I’ll carry on.  There were so many good things happened throughout the three and a half weeks that it makes the atmosphere in the city on August Bank Holiday quite poignant as many people are packing and leaving the city, or doing their final show.

But I’ll come to Monday 28 August eventually…

I only saw one show on Thursday 17 August, Death on the Nile presented by Livewire Theatre Company, who, according to their programme, were “celebrating 18 years at the Edinburgh Fringe.”  I’m sure I would have remembered if I’d seen them before.

This was quintessential am-dram, by which I mean am-dram at its finest, performed with skill and passion and a lack of pretension.  They don’t seem to have website (there are others with the same or similar names on a Google search) and there are no lists of Twitter or Facebook contacts on the programme, so decidedly old school, which is quite refreshing.  There seem to be many members of a family involved, so I’m guessing this has been an inter-generational project if they have been coming to Edinburgh for eighteen years.

The play itself was an original work based on Agatha Christie’s novel of that name and was not really worthy of the acting and production talent…no-one was credited with writing it, so I guess it may have been devised by the cast, it had that feel.  But no matter, the package as a whole made for an enjoyable evening.

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