Edinburgh Festival Day Twelve.

Sunday 13 August is easy enough to write about; three shows booked, two of which left me with the feeling “I’ll never get that hour back…”
So I won’t say anything about them, as I continue to believe negativity is inappropriate in a situation where someone else may enjoy something that I didn’t (of course, if someone is unduly influenced by another’s opinion, that’s a different matter…)
A friend also pointed out that seeing so much in a few weeks makes comparisons stark; if you see something great at lunchtime, something pretty good at tea-time will look just OK…in the normal run of things, there could be weeks between two theatre performances and the differential would not be so pronounced. I think there’s something in that.

Mies Julie - Baxter Theatre Centre Edinburgh 2017

Today’s good show was Baxter Theatre Centre’s Mies Julie at The Assembly Rooms. Yael Farber’s reworking of Strindberg’s Miss Julie first showed in the Fringe in 2012 and is set in South Africa, maybe about seventy years ago. The churning sexual tensions in this version are not based on education and class, but race – Julie is white and Jean is black – it’s brave that this South African company confronts the recent past of the country with such clarity.
It’s a hard watch but ultimately satisfying, with very powerful central performances.

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