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Edinburgh Festival Day Seven.

Edinburgh Fringe 1947 2017 70 years of defying the norm

Three shows on Tuesday 8 August and a lovely walk through The Meadows on the way to the first. Edinburgh’s Central Park…

The Meadows - Edinburgh Festivals

Judging from the number of families with kids in the queue, I thought at first a big mistake had been made in attending ThisEgg‘s Me and My Bee. We weren’t the only adults in the queue without the wee ones and several others agreed they were confused; the show had not been listed as a children’s show in the Fringe programme.
Luckily I was wrong; although a family show, this was a thoroughly charming hour highlighting the demise of bees in the ecosystem and the consequences of bee extinction, with enough references to motivational speaking and corporate lingo to keep jaded adults happy. We even got a goody bag of sunflower seeds to take away and plant to help the beleaguered bees.

Me & My Bee

I’ve planted them in the back green.

Me & My Bee - Climate Change is Massive. Bees Aren't.

Here’s ThisEgg‘s teaser video for the show, which is on until the end of The Fringe.

From there we made a bee-line to watch Ingrid Garner’s Eleanor’s Story: An American Girl in Hitler’s Germany, a monologue based on the performer’s grandmother’s experience of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was beautifully acted and presented in a part of Gilded Balloon (in Teviot Row) called Sportsmans (sic) where I had not been before; sadly, the room was poorly soundproofed, so the noise from the show in the neighbouring room, which sounded like a particularly raucous episode of The Young Ones was very loudly audible throughout about the first two thirds of Garner’s sensitive and mostly quiet show. My heart bled for her; if it was so hard to hear her and concentrate in the audience, it must have been incredibly difficult to perform – judging from the sustained and heartfelt applause at the end of the show, I doubt I was the only one feeling for her. You can’t blame the other company, but I wonder who at The Gilded Balloon thought this would work. Maybe they are just greedy and rent out rooms without researching soundproofing or suitability for the work being performed. I felt ashamed for the city and nominate The Gilded Balloon as today’s AFG.
Garner’s show continues until the end of The Fringe and is excellent – I hope someone takes responsibility to sort out the venue (or she gets a refund of the rental fee for Sportsmans.)

Edinburgh Fringe againt Nazi's

Here is more information about Eleanor’s Story and its background.

Having been stood up for the pint I was meant to have with an Edinburgh music legend, we went to The Playhouse to watch PJ Harvey’s second show as part of the Edinburgh International Festival.

PJ Harvey - Edinburgh International Festival

I had been a bit dubious about this, not having enjoyed her last album as much as the previous Let England Shake,but it turned out to be marvellous, leaning heavily on LES for the bulk of the material. The sound was stunning. I kept thinking throughout the show “but PJ Harvey isn’t this good…” Wrong again.

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