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Edinburgh Festival Day Nine.

Edinburgh Fringe - 70 years of defying the norm

Five shows on Thursday 10 August, only one of which I’ll politely skim over (“it’s not me, it’s definitely you.”)
Impromptu Shakespeare by the company of that name was about half way through an eleven show run and was a polished performance on the premise of the actors improvising a performance based on suggestions from the audience of Shakespearian events, objects or tropes.

Robert Burns: Rough Cut was an interesting one man show depicting Burns’ frustration at the Edinburgh publishing clique with which he struggled for recognition and indeed payment for his work. I liked the frequent references to places near the venue (the Scottish Storytelling Centre in the High Street) where Burns had caroused or tried to do business, it must have been especially pleasing for visitors to the city. I’m afraid I didn’t get the actor’s name.

Baba Brinkman’s Rap Guide to Consciousness was a load of fun. A Canadian rapper rapping about the nature of consciousness in the same space as I attended my first philosophy lectures in the late 1970s. This is just one of many “Rap Guide[s] to…” that Brinkman has done.

After the Virgin Money Fringe party, we went to the fourth and our last Fourth Monkey production of this year (sadly, we could not go to any performance of The Burial of the Rats, their fifth show of this Fringe.) Fourth Monkey had kindly replied to my comments about their lateness in going up on the first two shows of this season, blaming problems in communicating with the venue. It was good of them to pay attention to the gripes of a fan, as I remain after seeing Medusa on this evening. They go from strength to strength.

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