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Edinburgh Festivals – Day Two

Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Easy day really, mainly because I forgot to take a camera.
Only one show today, which was called Trump’d, performed by a company called Two Thirds Comedy. The Fringe programme calls it a new “comedy musical from the Cambridge Footlights.” Bennett, Cook, Moore et al it’s not, but it is performed with brio. The action is set in a future world where American people are pretending to be Muslim or Mexican precisely to be expelled from President Trump’s United States. There are a couple of zingers in the script, but they are not delivered well enough to make the throat laugh while the brain is admiring. That may come as the players ease themselves into the show. I’m sure it will get very much better.
There was one excellent scene tonight, a song and dance between the guy dressed like the Milk Tray man and the blond plaited girl, which was charming as much for its clumsiness as its grace. Sorry I don’t know the actors’ names, Fringe productions aren’t great at identifying people, but if they ever read this they’ll know what I mean.
Annoying Festival Gits – Part Two…when we arrived at the performance space at C Venue in Chambers Street tonight, we saw this outside the theatre.

C Venue Chambers Street Edinburgh Festival

Which seems reasonable. So we went up the stairs and outside, a little suspicious that ten minutes before showtime, there was only one other person docilely waiting outside.
Five minutes before showtime, we went downstairs and found that people were being admitted. We told the ticket lady we had been outside as instructed and wondered if anyone would have come to get us. Could have been speaking Swahili, she looked through us, personality free zone. Today’s AFG!

Tomorrow should be more interesting.

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