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Saint Etienne, Queen’s Hall 09 June 2017

Sarah Cracknell by Claire Anderson
(Sarah Cracknell by Claire Anderson – thanks Claire!)


Saint Etienne were at the Queen’s Hall on Friday evening.

As when I’ve seen them before, the gender balance was 85/15 male to female, which split I guess is caused by a mixture of the guys in the audience being a) record collector types like Pete and Bob, b) guys that really fancied Sarah Cracknell or c) guys that really want to be Sarah Cracknell.  From the amount of awkward dancing going on, I think c) may have had a majority.

Or maybe all the girls were watching Robbie Williams at Murrayfield.

Whatever.  Saint Etienne continue to do the business really well…

Saint Etienne at Queen's Hall


…Sarah with her feather boa as seen in Claire’s picture above and the guys up at the back of the stage looking as if they are thinking about Pickettywitch b-sides (this is not a bad thing – Bob Stanley’s Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!: The Story of Pop Music from Bill Haley to Beyoncé is one of the finest books available on pop music, particularly his chapter on The Bee Gees.)

Saint Etienne Queen's Hall June 2017


I’d like to think the back-projection below was for the Edinburgh crowd…I tried to explain it to a girl from Nebraska standing beside me who was baffled.

Josef K - Saint Etienne


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