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Blue Rose Code’s secret fans’ show


Blue Rose Code's secret fans' show in Leith


Friday 28th April at Leith Folk Club; Wild Lyle Watt, Colin Steele, Ross Wilson and John Lowrie playing as Blue Rose Code. Photo by John Foley, who organised the show.
John arranged this secret show on Friday night for some Italian fans who wanted to come to Edinburgh to see the band. He then opened up the gig to other fans via a Facebook group.
The show was in the same week as my and my partner’s “anniversary,” so I was pleased to be able to get tickets and tell her we were going out on Friday, but not saying where. I reckoned the jig would be up the minute we reached the Victoria Park House in Ferry Road, but incredibly, there was no Blue Rose Code advertising or merchandise; the man on the box office just asked if we were “here for the concert;” and nobody in the capacity audience said anything before Ross and the band started to play! All good!
The secret, home-town show was a massive success and served to emphasise how far Blue Rose Code has progressed in the last few years. It’s long been remarked, accurately if lazily, that Ross’ music is a great melange of Moondance and Solid Air; now I’m also getting a bit of the wounded majesty of Plastic Ono Band, which is, of course, the best album ever made.
Colin Steele, in particular, was flying that night.
Next Edinburgh show is on the launch date of the new album, November 3rd.
Thanks to all who made this show happen.

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