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Waywords and Meansigns

Waywords and Meansigns Finnegan's Wake

Derek Pyle from Waywords and Meansigns was recently in touch to tell me about their Finnegans Wake project.

Released on 4 May this year, this will be the third iteration of a project setting Joyce’s book to music.  (I am impressed with anybody that has even read Finnegans Wake, much less set it to music…)

I had a conversation about the impenetrability of the book when I was in Ireland visiting a friend earlier this year.  We were in a pub in Galway at the time, which I was impressed to find was a few streets away from Nora Barnacle’s house, which is now called the Nora Barnacle House Museum.  It’s only open during the summer, but the picture below adequately illustrates the gormless look of someone standing outside a closed museum on a cold January afternoon.  It was about to snow.



The Nora Barnacle House James Joyce

The Waywords and Meansigns project is well worth a look and listen, the first two editions are available on the website, with the third being available from 4 May.
Among the artists on the new edition are Tenement and Temple, the latest project from Johnny Smillie and Monica Queen. The pair have given us some lovely music over the years, as Thrum, then a series of Monica solo albums, and now as Tenement and Temple.

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