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Roy Wood in Glasgow 26 February 2017

Roy Wood in the Griffin Bar Glasgow with Stuart Ferguson


This picture was taken last week in The Griffin in Glasgow, before Roy’s show at The King’s Theatre.

This show was announced late last year, much to my surprise.  Roy Wood was probably the only artist I had not seen that I would have liked to see, that I could see and my friend Barry hipped me late on a Sunday night via Facebook that the Roy Wood tour would be coming to Glasgow.  (Actually, that’s not strictly true; I did see Wizzard at the Edinburgh Odeon when I was young, in the 70s, but it was a matinee show and even as young as I was, I knew they were holding back a bit for the adults’ show later…)

He appears to have kept a low profile over the last decades, touring sporadically and not very often, which is a shame for an artist who has not really had the widespread acclaim for his work with The Move, Wizzard, Electric Light Orchestra and indeed his eclectic and always entertaining solo work.

Late in the evening though it was, I got on to the King’s Theatre website and got two tickets in the front row.  I went to bed happy with the glad tidings…

A couple of days later, I wanted to check whether I had requested the tickets to be sent out or to be retained at the box office, so I went back to the website to check.

It was confirmed I had two tickets in Row U…which didn’t sound like the front row.

Now, I may have had a couple of glasses when booking, but I’m not that bad, so I checked the seating plan for the stalls of The King’s theatre and sure enough, I was not alone – most of the back three rows of the stalls had been booked, the front few rows being fairly sparsely taken.

The way the stalls are laid out is the opposite way round to everybody else’s seating plans, so everyone had assumed the long row was the front row.

It got fixed though.  I was in Glasgow earlier in the year and went to pick up my Row U tickets and was able to swap them for Row D.

So, before the show last week, my friends and I were in The Griffin, which was unusually quiet, at least until Roy and some of his band walked in, then it got quite busy, which I guess is the power of social media.

The show itself was great.  Mr Wood was relaxed and delivered everything I wanted.  Even the encore of “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday” did not seem too incongruous in late February.

Thanks to Barry for the picture below.

Roy Wood gigs live in Glasgow 2017




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