This is how we do it in Edinburgh…part 2.

Everybody’s heard about Greyfriars Bobby, the wee dug that visited his dead master’s grave in Greyfriars Kirk churchyard for fourteen years. Walt Disney made a film about it and the wee guy’s got his own statue next to the churchyard, which when I was a teenager used to face the churchyard rather than looking toward Chambers Street as it does now. I think the statue has changed orientation a few times over the years. He’s not actually depicted caked in snot, but the last iteration of the statue was manufactured in such a way that the constant rubbing of his nose by tourists has worn away the finish.

Greyfriars Bobby

There are a pub and a snack bar nearby which use his name…

Bobby's Cafe Edinburgh

And Greyfriars Kirk also commemorates the tale just after you are inside its gates.

Greyfriars Bobby Edinburgh's best friend

Bobby himself would never know this however, as this sign is just before the entrance gates.

No dogs in Greyfriars churchyard

Woof woof.

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