Truant Company “Care Takers.”

Edinburgh Fringe 2016 Truant Company Care Takers


The second show I caught tonight, on the first preview night of the Fringe, was Care Takers by the excellent Truant Company
A subtly presented and brilliantly acted two-hander, ostensibly about the clash between a deputy head teacher and a keen new teacher about the correct approach to suspected homophobic bullying, it’s actually about a lot more than that – the business of education, how much teachers should care for their pupils, ambition and how we balance all these things. Dizzyingly fine writing by Billy Cowan, one of the founders of the company, twisting and turning all the time to describe the arc of uncertainty along which the characters ride. As the audience, our ambivalence is invoked throughout, our sympathies alternating between the characters whose hostilities are so well acted.
There were about six people in tonight’s audience, but I’m sure this will be packing them in and be highly regarded by the end of its run. At C Venue, Chambers Street, every night until 29 August except 15th.
Here is the trailer they put out, featuring the striking Penny McDonald…

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