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From Stan Freberg to The Wedding Album

In the Extended Special Edition of Mark Lewisohn’s “All These Years – Volume 1:Tune In,” he mentions how much John and Paul enjoyed Stan Freberg’s “John and Marsha,” from 1951, but not released in England until 1956.
It still sounds great today, to me.

In a sly footnote (on page 765, not even near the end of the first volume of “All These Years – it runs to more than 1600 pages over two volumes,) he made me laugh out loud where he writes “…John would parody [John and Marsha] on record in 1969…”
He can only mean this, from 1969’s The Wedding Album;

Did John really think he was parodying a comedy record at this peak point of the Lennono avant garde adventure? I doubt it and I bet at that point he would have failed to see the humour in the suggestion. But you can’t not hear “John and Marsha…”

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