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A Poem Is a Naked Person

I just saw Les Blanks’s amazing 1974 film ‘about’ Leon Russell.
Finished in 1974 but only released in 2015, it was produced by Russell and Denny Cordell, so probably not suppressed…it’s just more than a bit Southern states weird, reminiscent of the film about William Eggleston, “Stranded in Canton.” Except the Eggleston film is in monochrome and “A Poem…” is in saturated, Eggleston type colour.

It’s got George Jones; Willie Nelson; a bit of a falling out with Eric Andersen; a featured role for a catfish and feeding time for a snake. It captures a time when the lingua franca of successful rock musicians was blissed out nonsense.

A Poem is a Naked Person Leon Russell



Leon Russell in tune
Hmmm…everybody’s out of tune again except me…

It also has loads of great Leon concert film and what appears to be sessions for the “Hank Wilson’s Back” album (with David Briggs and Pete Drake.
Tremendous film for a certain type of audience, i.e., the one who waited forty two years for it to come out.


A Poem is a Naked Person - Bob Dylan

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