Glenn Frey and Doonesbury

The death of Glenn Frey earlier this year was sad and further evidence that the Grim Reaper is racking up the overtime.  Let’s hope he’s saving up to go away for a while…

Even the NME loved Eagles when they first came out.  I remember a singles review where “Take It Easy” was praised as a brand new page in the evolution of music, compared to the effect Chuck Berry had had a couple of decades before.  They were the new Messiahs.

As a longtime Doonesbury fan, I always figured the younger Frey may have been an inspiration for Zonker Harris;

Glenn Frey as Zonker

Zonker as Glenn Frey


Then when I saw this picture of Susan Sontag, I immediately thought of Joanie Caucus;

Susan Sontag Joanie Caucus

Joanie Caucus as Susan Sontag

I see real people as cartoons a lot of the time – there’s probably a word for the syndrome, but I doubt there is a treatment; which suits me fine.

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