I’ll have a pint of that Campari, then…


Eva Green


You’d think they would have gone for somebody a bit good looking, but here’s one of umpteen adverts Eva Green made for the weird pink stuff (“Cahmpahri” is more how she says it…)


Here she is flogging hair products…the range is called Wet Domination. Really.
“Hi guys” is straight out of the call centre team leader handbook and the cheery wish to “see you soon” is unlikely to be fulfilled unless she’s necking Cahmpahri in Stratford’s these days.


The cover of a recent Stylist magazine features this unbelievably bad sentence.  You know what it means, but you don’t know how they got there…

Eva Green stylist


Flogging pens…




Armani specs…

Eva Green Armani


Dior! (There’s a handy wee Superdrug pop-up comes up during this YouTube clip, bet Dior are delighted.)



Eva Green Lancome

Eva Green is apparently the richest female actor in the world.

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