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Mark Lewisohn, Recording Angel

Edinburgh International Book Festival

It was great to get to meet Mark Lewisohn at the Edinburgh International Book Festival last week.

He was here for the paperback launch of All These Years Volume One – Tune In, the first part of his definitive trilogy of The Beatles biography which I’ve praised beyond measure here before.

He mentioned during the talk that he had completed the research for Volume Two and was about to start writing it, which I had to ask about as he signed my copy of The Beatles Complete Recording Sessions from 1988 (a book which changed how people wrote about music and which I stayed up all night to read when it came out.)

He confirmed that he was about to start writing the book and that if wouldn’t be out before 2020.  Never one to resist a gauche remark if it’s just hanging about waiting, I said I hoped I’d still be alive to read it (the author is two years older than I…)  Effortless as ever.

Anyway, further research led me to the estimate that Volume Three is expected in 2028, by which year Lewisohn will be 70.  Which made me think – how cool is it that by then he will have spent almost 50 years on Beatles research?  The band had an unprecedented and unrepeated effect on music and the world and so many parts of the familiar story have such amazing dramatic arcs…there are so many uncanny coincidences and synchronicities, which Lewisohn is further unearthing, highlighting and contextualising for us in this work.

The Beatles and their story truly do deserve such a fine recording angel.


Mark Lewisohn Stuart Ferguson

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