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Average White Band

We went to see the Average White Band in Glasgow on Friday night.  Always a pleasure and you never know when will be the last time.  Loads of power, although the drum solo did take away a bit of momentum… but the drum solo will do that.

I’ve just noticed that Person to Person will be playing in the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival in July – with Hamish Stuart, Steve Ferrone and Molly Duncan, they actually have one more AWB member than AWB.

I came across this film from 1970 – is this Alan Gorrie, the porn years?

Permissive is actually available on DVD, reissued by the BFI (I had a copy in my hand the other night but couldn’t quite commit.)  Judging from this trailer, I can only assume it exists for kitsch value.

2 thoughts on “Average White Band

  1. Hi Stuart,

    think this film looks hilarious and suggest we all watch it at the Brass Monkey. Chris will pay for the DVD.

    Jenny x


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