The Sunday Post quiz

The Sunday Post Quiz - the best way to eat an egg

The Sunday Post quiz was (and may still be) a feature in the paper where workplace teams were invited to participate in a general knowledge quiz, each correct answer generating a cash payment for a nominated charity.

I came across the scan below of the said item for publication date January 12 1992, which shows that a week or two before, a team of four intelligent, sensitive and frankly handsome men from the Virgin Megastore in Argyle Street, Glasgow had been the contestants.

In the heat of the moment, I remember we did a great impersonation of the Provisional Wing of the Village Idiots’ League – it’s funny how the answer to a question like “what’s the best way to eat an egg” just eludes one when the pressure is on – still and all, with constant help from the Sunday Post man (as in, he gave us most of the answers,) we made £37.50 for Nordoff Robbins, or Nordoff Collins as the Post had it.  But they spelled my name wrong too.

Good to see from the splash ad that Tandy were still banging out dual auto-reverse cassette decks for £149.95.  That was a fortune then.  I worked for Tandy in Edinburgh for a few months in the early eighties and it was a unique retail environment, shall we say; God knows what the customers thought.

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