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Nearly Dan again


Nearly Dan and their van at The Voodoo Rooms
Thanks to my friend Chris for the photo

It’s becoming an annual ritual, no less sweeter through familiarity.  The clocks go forward, it gets a little lighter at nights and Nearly Dan return to play The Voodoo Rooms on a Friday evening; once again we can marvel, watching and listening to mortals recreate and re-enliven the works of the immortals Becker, Fagen and Katz.  The faint and probably spurious optimism engendered by the arrival of spring is bolstered by the visit of the Stoke wizards.

I usually manage to persuade at least one new person to go – this year’s inductee was blown away although surprised when told at the interval that the band weren’t quite reaching the heights which we had seen before.  Still, the interval fight in the dressing room to which front man Steve Hays always alludes must have been a particularly good one, because the second set was dynamite.

Next year they are talking about two nights at The Voodoo Rooms with two separate sets.  I’ll be there twice, if God’s willing.

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