Thank You World…

What a wonderful world 2014

Thanks to 2014 for; Charles Chaplin’s films and autobiography; Peter Ackroyd’s book about Chaplin; Linden and the film Edit; the books of Sue Townsend; David Nicholls’ The 7.39 and Us; Simon Callow (when does he sleep?); Neil Finn’s show in Berlin; Berlin Music Tours; Goldfrapp’s Glasgow show; Rufus Wainwright in Edinburgh; my liver; Steven Sutton seeing the Christ in all of us; Burt Bacharach at The Playhouse; Parliafunkadelicment thang in Glasgow; Cafe Caledonia; Nearly Dan; The ultra posh Staves; Blue Rose Code; Ethan Johns; Daryl Hall and John Oates at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall; Story Shakespeare; Linda Marlowe; David Peace; Dick Gaughan; everyone who voted well in the Scottish Independence referendum; the discovery of Ani di Franco; the release of several 1978 Bruce Springsteen live bootlegs; The Pearlfishers album and two shows; Lady Gaga’s mind-bending Glasgow show;  Taylor Swift’s 1989; the film Under the Skin and the book which shares its title; Dr John Cooper Clarke at the Queen’s Hall; Chris Rea at the Usher Hall; Bruce Cockburn’s memoir Rumours of Glory; Catriona Child’s second novel; Fourth Monkey at The Fringe; Grace Maxwell in The Possibilities are Endless; Deacon Blue at The Usher Hall; Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens’ return to The Fringe; Laura Marling’s silence before the promise of next year’s new record; Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands; The Regent bar; all my friends, acquaintances and colleagues who continue to embrace and endure my unique personality and social skill-set; and Lisa – as Chaplin said of his wife Oona, “the depth and beauty of her character are a continual revelation to me .”

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