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Edinburgh stuff…

white van edinburgh

It’s a lousy picture because I had to take it quickly, but here’s proof that in Edinburgh’s Manhattan, we get philosophy in white vans…

Cave Haymarket Edinburgh

You want outsider art?  Well, it’s outside a pub at Haymarket.

Sainsburys Murrayfield Edinburgh

Lapping up that white-boy funk (in beer form…) in the retail paradise that is Sainsbury’s Murrayfield – note the careful use of premium, refrigerated shelf space for emptiness.

Picture House Lothian Road Edinburgh

Lastly, here’s quite a nice poster which has appeared outside what was The Picture House in Lothian Road.  It seems to list all the bands which played there during its too-brief tenure as a venue between 2008 and (just) 2014.  Wetherspoon’s bought the venue and are making it into a pub, which is how business works, but I do rather fear that having a huge, cheap boozer on Lothian Road will return the street to its 70’s and 80’s heyday as an extended bear garden.

And, of course, it means that Edinburgh no longer has a circa 2,000 capacity venue.  Not so good.

Eva Green, who has probably never been in Edinburgh, takes it philosophically…

Eva Green not in Edinburgh

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