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Well, that was easier than I thought…


Lady Gaga tickets Glasgow


Got tickets OK for the Glasgow Gaga concert, surprisingly easy.  Mind you, I did have the use of my friend’s 02 Priority Code to take part in the “pre-sale.”  First time for ages I’ve had to buy tickets like that and certainly the first time I’ve used a “pre-sale” facility.  Doublethink to the max…

This business is horrid though.  There is never any allusion to the price of tickets for shows like this in the build-up advertising; I’d hate to be a parent whose kids really, really wanted to see One Direction or The Saturdays or the like, then be held to ransom for the price of several tickets at the cost of Daddy’s love for his kids.  After you’ve stuck on the booking fee (for the pleasure of using your credit card at your computer in your time,) it will always come to a pretty penny.

In perspective; the cost of the (very good) tickets I have is the same as my girlfriend paid for our restricted view tickets for Tom Waits several years ago, so in real money, cheaper.  And Gaga’s not a chancer…

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