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The Staves in Edinburgh…

The Staves Edinburgh - I wander I roam

The Staves are coming to The Queens’s Hall on Wednesday, toward the end of another lengthy tour for them.

I’m quite intrigued by the prospect, having spent a lot of my listening time over the last couple of months with their Dead & Born & Grown album, the original cover of which is shown below.  It reminds me of The Millenium’s Begin sleeve, but I love the font and I’ve enjoyed albums for worse reasons than the font on the sleeve…




staves millenium begin

But seriously, I’m pretty excited by this.  I was first attracted to The Staves because of Ethan Johns’ involvement with this album – Johns, of course is Laura Marling’s producer and co-toiler in the garden of greatness (she would be as great without him, but it might not be as obvious,) and has also got a pretty good solo album, If Not Now Then When?

Ethan is the son of Glyn and the nephew of the late Andy (who produced Marquee Moon!) and he and his dad had allegedly (according to Atlantic records’ website) both shown an interest in The Staves; so, happily, they share most (although not all) of the mixing and production credits on D&B&G.  Ethan plays a few instruments too and contributes the great “live” vibe that he adds to Marling’s records – fingers whistling on guitar strings, stuff falling over…

So, with that pedigree of producer and given that posh birds with acoustic guitars seems to be where I’m at a lot of the time now, I got the “Special Edition” of D&B&G (we fall for it every time) which includes a live five track CD, which adds nothing, apart from maybe allowing a picture to be added to the front of the CD showing Emily, Jessica and Camilla Staveley-Taylor (probably not from the rough end of Watford) in full on CSN supplication. That’s it below…


staves edinburgh live



CSN Carry On Crosby Stills Nash

Now, obviously, there’s only one CSN, but delightfully, there’s only one The Staves.  Maybe it’s the sibling thing, but the vocal blend they have is unique and striking, as on this YouTube clip below – I’ve been struggling to think what sort of post-production could have been going on to beef up the voices on this, but I ultimately don’t doubt that what we hear in this room is how they sound.  Anyway, I’ll find out in a couple of days.

As for the D&B&G album, I wouldn’t be without it now.  It took a couple of listens, but now I’m a big fan.  It reminds me more of the first America album than CSN, but that’s not a bad thing.  Some parts are better than others, but I love “The Motherlode” and especially “Snow.”  This is partly due to the presence (and appropriate silences) on bass of Pat Donaldson.  He played on the canonical Richard and Linda Thompson records, with the McGarrigles and was also the only member of Fotheringay never to have been in Fairport Convention, which is surely the answer to a pub quiz question in some awful circle of hell.  Also, apparently, a neighbour of Glyn Johns now.  And originally from Edinburgh.

Pat Donaldson really does take The Staves to another place.

Anyway, out of all that, I’ve convinced myself that The Staves at The Queen’s Hall will be the best thing ever…


Staves in car

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