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It talked…the Still Game reunion

Still Game reunion Glasgow Hydro

There was a press conference in Glasgow yesterday announcing four shows of Still Game at Glasgow’s newest venue The Hydro, starting on 30th September.  Greg Hemphill and Ford Kiernan have set aside their differences to work together again on a new stage version of the best sitcom ever.


Tickets go on sale tomorrow, priced at £45 and £30 for the 12,000 capacity venue.  If I guess the average price to be £40, that’s a gross of £480,000 per night, times four nights is just short of £2m.  And as I guess it will sell pretty fast, the interest for eleven months shouldn’t be too shabby – even at 1%, it would come in about eighteen grand…what differences could you not set aside for a payday like that?

Of course, I’ll have to go.  There is always the chance that it will be less than excellent (the TV series did slide alarmingly at the end,) but it has to be done.  And you can’t really grudge this wonderful ensemble their day (or four nights) in the sun.

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