Damn these counterproductive film trailers!

Enough Said with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini

Yesterday I saw and enjoyed Enough Said at the nicely refurbished Cameo 2.

This is the fourth film in a row of quite a mixed bag which I have recently enjoyed, the other three being Sunshine on Leith, Filth and Blue Jasmine.

It struck me that a common thread for my experience of all these films is that I didn’t see the trailer for any of them; they would be being trailed when I was on a beach in Crete a few weeks ago.  So the consequent disappointment of watching a film to realise that you already knew all the key plot points from repeated and involuntary viewings of the trailer did not materialise.

Carnage by Roman Polanski

Polanski’s Carnage was a very funny film, but would have been a lot more enjoyable had the trailer not included or alluded to almost every joke (including Kate Winslet’s impressive vomit.)  And having seen the trailer for Le Week-end about three times now, I don’t think there’s actually any need to go and see the film, which actually looks pretty good.

Here’s the trailer for Citizen Kane, which is how trailers should be done.  Humourous and tantalizing, without any spoilers from the film; in fact, there is not even a sight of Kane, or Welles…

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