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Pop Art and ARTPOP

Andy Warhol: Power Pop and Politics

It was good to be in the first pack (see above) to see the Andy Warhol “Pop, Power and Politics” exhibition which opened at the Scottish Parliament building on 5th October.

Was that a flash of civic pride I felt?  That our “rainbow parliament” could host such an exhibition in Edinburgh?  There are about forty works on show, the power and politics part of the shows title represented by Warhol’s paintings of various world leaders, living queens and dollar signs…but my favourite was the big self-portrait shown below, with Matt Wrbican, the archivist of the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.

Andy Warhol self-portrait with Matt Wrbican

It’s a small but well presented exhibition (notwithstanding the reflective glass on most of the paintings) and yet another reason to be proud of the city of Edinburgh.  That it is housed in such a wonderful building as the Scottish Parliament is a bonus.

Enric Miralles’ building remains impressive inside and out (is that the civic pride again?)  The Scots can piss away the money with no heed of budget better than anybody (compare the Edinburgh Trams project,) but this was worth it.

Scottish Parliament building by Enric Miralles

Meanwhile, another great artist has unveiled her new album sleeve; Lady Gaga has worked with Jeff Koons to produce the sleeve of ARTPOP (I think the capitalisation is correct) a mere fifty-seven years after Richard Hamilton coined the phrase “pop art.”

Hopefully the music will live up to the sleeve in boldness and invention; Gaga’s last album Born This Way was a disappointment after the heady joys of The Fame Monster and had one of the worst sleeves ever…

Lady Gaga ARTPOP with Jeff Koons

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