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Kristjan Ingimarsson/Neander – BLAM!

BLAM! Edinburgh August 2013

BLAM! has been one of the critical hits of The Fringe so far and deservedly so.

The set up is three bored office workers and their desperate-to-be-liked boss, sitting about bored, playing with their stationery.  Gradually, imagination takes over, until that same stationery and office furniture allow them to mock up (in their heads) a colossal and bloody battle in a Die Hard/Michael Bay scenario.

BLAM! Edinburgh Fringe  Explosions rumble; Transformers are improvised from box files and binders; carnage and cartoon violence rule across the office as the cast indulge in some impressive acrobatics and indoor parkour.

BLAM! Kristjan Ingimarsson Neander

BLAM! is without a doubt entertaining and will do very well over the next few weeks (the run is until 26 August at The Pleasance.)  I thought at 75 minutes it was a wee bit long and would have been more powerful at just under the hour.  I would also have liked to have seen the piece resolve rather better than it does; I was left wondering what the office workers did at going-home time…but these are minor quibbles.

The Tool of The Fringe award so far has to be shared by the couple who thought they would bring their dog to the show.  It was a fully grown labrador which they thought they would stash under their seats, then they got a bit antsy when a staff member told them that only assist dogs were allowed in the theatre.

Why did they even think they should bring their dog to a show with warnings of loud noises and strobe lighting?

Tool of The Fringe will doubtless be updated, plenty of scope and time yet…

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