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Mitch Benn Is the 37th Beatle

Mitch Benn is the 37th Beatle Edinburgh Fringe 2013

Having sifted through the numerous “fifth Beatles” (Pete, Stu, Sir George, Mal etc.) then considering the various other contenders for Beatle-dom (Badfinger, Jeff Lynne et al,) Mitch Benn uses faultless logic and his mastery of musical pastiche to come to the conclusion that he is the 37th Beatle.

To say any more about the logical moves involved would be to give away a lot of the show, but I can mention harmlessly that part of the connection is to do with a Liverpool primary school.  Now, I met Mitch about fifteen years ago when I worked in the Virgin Megastore because he had gone to school (in Liverpool) with one of my colleagues; therefore, if he is the 37th Beatle, I must be somewhere in the forties, by his own relentless reasoning…

Very entertaining and musically adept.  Show runs until 25 August at The Stand III in York Place.


Mitch Benn Cavern Liverpool
Looks like the wall opposite the Cavern in Liverpool


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