Fred Macaulay’s 25 Fringes

Fred Macaulay at the Edinburgh Fringe

Saw the preview of the Peter Doig exhibition at the Scottish National Art Gallery yesterday evening, then headed down to The Assembly Rooms in George Street for the preview/opening/2-for-1 of Fred’s Fringe show.

It was fairly sparsely attended (maybe about 100 people) and I got the impression that quite a lot of the audience were competition winners or on some other sort of freebie.  As such, and given that Fred works off an interaction with the audience, the set never quite took off.

However, with the bigger attendances which will happen once the Fringe has truly kicked off, it will be fine and doubtless another good run for one of the best comics I know.

It’s always a pleasure to watch Fred work and in a sense, it was more rewarding to watch him have to work than seeing the comedy flow as it usually does.

Incidentally, whoever has redeveloped The Assembly Rooms has done an excellent job.

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