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Edinburgh in August

Edinburgh Fringe in August

It’s been unforgiveably quiet on here recently (sorry Chris) a consequence of working too hard for the last number of weeks and not really being inspired to say much about any of the films I’ve seen recently.

August is where it all kicks off in Edinburgh of course, with the nearly-enough concurrent International, Fringe and Book Festivals.  Suffice it to say that from 1 August until 25 August there is no day when I won’t be attending at least one musical or theatrical performance, so I’ll try to round up the best of these while I still have the energy, I don’t know how many more years I can sustain that level of involvement.  I always figure it has to be done; people spend loads of money coming to Edinburgh for all this, so it would be silly not to drink deeply when the trough is on your own doorstep…or something like that.

Edinburgh International Festival

One thought on “Edinburgh in August

  1. Hear hear … I’m returning on the 12th for my second visit to the festival and I can’t bloomin’ wait. After my first visit I was always astonished when I would ramble on to locals (well OK, cabbies mostly I suppose) about how great it was only to get a fairly dismissive “I’ve never actually been to anything” response.


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