A gift from William Mysterious


Ally Donaldson William Mysterious of the Rezillos


On 18th June, Ally Donaldson, aka William Mysterious from The Rezillos, died.
Although I only met him once, he left me a nice thing.
In the late seventies, he was invited by his cousin to speak to our Youth Fellowship group at North Merchiston Church in Edinburgh, which he did, very kindly giving of his time to regale the group of teenage music fans with inside stories of “the biz.” The Rezillos were pretty big at the time.

Someone asked him which big stars he’d met and he ran through a few names. Looking at one of the shyer girls in the group, who may have still been waiting to grow into her features, he dropped this zinger; “Debbie Harry once asked me for change for a cigarette machine and close up, Paula, you’re much better looking.”
I’ve never forgotten that.

Debbie Harry

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