All hail Nile Rodgers!

Nile Rodgers Chic Daft Punk
“He’s probably quite good…”

Of all the nonsense that goes on in the world, it makes my heart glad that Nile Rodgers once again has the biggest record in the world.

Perfect.  Listened to it for about an hour the other morning and I hadn’t even woken up yet.

Hoping to see Nile in Edinburgh in a few weeks.

One thought on “All hail Nile Rodgers!

  1. I see that Summerhall TV has a clip of Nile talking about his work with Daft Punk: “Nile Rodgers performed recently at Summerhall as part of the 7×7 project – a musical and visual arts collaboration with the Belgian visual artist J P Muller. Here Nile talks about his recent involvement with Daft Punk and the record ‘Random Access Memories’.”


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