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The successful launch of The Vinyl Room

Stuart Ferguson IS Brad Pitt at Coda Music
Brad Pitt’s never out this place…


Here are some pictures from Record Store Day in Coda Music Edinburgh yesterday; below is the wonderful Karine Polwart giving it some…

Karine Polwart at Coda Music


What can be in here?

Vinyl Room Coda Music Edinburgh


The Vinyl Room.

Record Store Day at Coda Music Edinburgh


Not a bad view…

Edinburgh on Record Store Day - Coda Music
From where I was standing, this seems to have been a roaring success – over twenty minutes, I must have seen a dozen LPs being sold, at an average of £20 a pop.
And I got a free beer and got to see an intimate performance by one of the best…good for RSD.
I also thought I saw Lindsay Lohan walking along Bank Street at one point during Karine’s set, probably on her way for a quiet pint…I guess if she was going to violate her parole, she would do so in such a way that it would know it had been violated.

One thought on “The successful launch of The Vinyl Room

  1. Has anyone else noticed a worrying tendency for the sale of vinyl records, not as a medium for the storage and reproduction of music but as a novelty wall hanging?

    Not only does this appear to excuse a £20 price tag but I also wonder whether the people who buy such things even know that (presumably) there’s a mysterious black vinyl disk concealed within?


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