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Record Store Day at Coda…


Coda Music Vinyl Room Edinburgh

My good friends Dougie and Rose at Coda Music on The Mound, Edinburgh, have a special reason for celebrating Record Store Day.
They’ll be opening The Vinyl Room to sell a range of LPs – not just folk and roots stuff like the main shop.
They’ll also be welcoming some guests into the shop to play live music and will have a full range of the Record Store Day special releases – see details at their website here.
Below is one of these special releases – outtakes from Self Portrait! No, really!


Wigwam Thirsty Boots Dylan


Kim Edgar at Coda Music
The great Kim Edgar with Brad Pitt at the launch of her first album in Coda.

2 thoughts on “Record Store Day at Coda…

  1. I expect a lot more Self Portrait outtakes to be coming our way soon…

    There used to be a very nice home movie / documentary about the pro’s (and con’s) of Self Portrait on You Tube, but it appears to have been taken down. At least I had the foresight to download it, way back when. So I’ll burn you a copy. Won’t work on vinyl though.


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