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Lady Gaga – Glamourpuss

Glamourpuss Lady Gaga story

I watched this DVD the other night.  It’s one of these unauthorised films which have been pretty commonplace for the last number of years (since DVD has been the take-home format, in fact.)  The label is Chrome Dreams, a company based in England – I guess from the name they started out as Neil Young fans.  Now they do loads and loads of these unauthorised biographies.

I’ve seen a few of these things over the years (mostly their Dylan releases) and I’d have to say the standard has improved a lot if this release is anything to go by.  This is in part due to the technology around and available at all times; as Gaga has only been around for 26 years, there’s plenty footage of her –  playing stodgy rock in the basement of The Bitter End in Greenwich Village, playing her end of term concert at her performing arts school (an anodyne piano ballad.)  It’s interesting to see this stuff and that it exists at all, but there is no suggestion she would be as good as she became months later.

These unauthorised biographies have stylistic tics; for one, the narrator always seems to be the same guy.  Then the repetitive background music is something that sounds like, but is not quite, the music of the artist being featured.  The talking heads are usually someone who is identified as the “ex-editor” of some magazine or other and boy, can they talk, to fill out the running time, I guess.  There was a good few minutes here on what Gaga’s line “I wanna take a ride on your disco stick” might signify – I think I had it worked out first time.

However, something I hadn’t seen before was the liberal use of promo videos, although well chopped up and seeming to have the soundtrack a little out of sync with the visuals – I wonder if this is a way of getting out of paying copyright?

All in all, it was probably a bit better than the Wienerworld release (see below) I watched a couple of weeks ago, which covered most of the same ground, not that there’s much to cover.

Next will be “Perez Hilton – AllAccess – Lady Gaga.”  The fun never stops…


Lady Gaga Glamourpuss

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