The Dream of Rambling Man by Laura Marling

Having had a bit of stick for my last Laura Marling post (i.e., the heinous suggestion that it was perhaps the first of a lengthy chain of posts about English villages with absolutely nothing to do with LM,) I thought I’d come right back to earth and write about the LM dream I had last night.

It seemed I was listening to her track “Rambling Man” on repeat play in this dream. This is not a bad dream at all; “Rambling Man” is one of LM’s “big” songs; placed on her second album, it’s probably her “Hard Rain” moment if you go with the Dylan analogy.

What was great about the dream, though, was that I was in the structure of the song and performance as it played over and over again. It was like standing on the Forth Road Bridge and being aware of every cable, every nut and bolt, every inch of tarmac of the bridge as well as knowing what is at either end. Or like being in the film Fantastic Voyage and coursing through the veins of the song, cruising the capillaries, counting the corpuscles…as the song played and played and I was aware of its structure in this deeply intimate manner, I was perusing in the dream LM fanclub material, including mention of her legendary live segue of “Rambling Man” and T.Rex’s “Raw Ramp.”

Attached is the original video for “Rambling Man.” Not so sure about the video, but a great song, performance and track.

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