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Quartet and film related coincidences

Quartet by Dustin Hoffman

I went to see Dustin Hoffman’s movie Quartet yesterday tea-time (or more correctly, pint time,) which had just the right gentle and restful tone for New Year’s Day.

It’s a fine looking movie, apart from a couple of plot twists that go nowhere in an already thin plot. Set in a retirement home for musicians, it gives the principals a chance to show off a bit.  Pauline Collins is outstanding, Billy Connolly does, well, Billy Connolly with a haircut pretending to be a retired opera singer; but that’s fine, he’s earned that right.  Connolly does what he does and it’s been a pleasure to be on the planet for some of the same time and see his work.

Maggie Smith is everybody’s favourite just now I believe, due to Downton Abbey – she certainly got loads of laughs in the cinema yesterday.

That’s where all the coincidences started kicking off.  On Hogmanay, we had watched the magnificent One Day on DVD because we had seen it for the first time at The Filmhouse last Hogmanay; then here we were watching Maggie Smith a year after watching The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie in the same cinema.

To get even more fey, the music supervision on Quartet is by Kle Savidge.  Kle was Alan McGee’s assistant in Creation Records’ imperial years and this is what she does now (see her website here.)

Another film she did the music for is An Education, directed by Lone Scherfig, who directed One Day.

Kle was also vocalist on this track by BMX Bandits about whom I wrote the other day; my understanding is that she impressed so much at the karaoke during the wedding of a member of a Creation band that she was a shoo-in for the job on the Bandits’ Theme Park album.  A great wee track.

It’s all connected…

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