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The Beatles in Scotland by Ken McNab

The Beatles in Scotland by Ken McNab

I’ve been reading and enjoying this over the last few days.

For some unfathomable reason, the Tesco near work has a fantastic range of local interest books all at reduced prices, so this baby was just over a fiver despite just having been published in paperback with a new foreword (it originally came out in 2008 but has been updated.)

It seems like McNab has spoken to every Scottish person ever associated with The Beatles or a Beatle, whether they were in Scotland at the time or emigre Scots in London in the sixties.

There are some pretty good pictures, but sadly not the one of John, Yoko and Kyoko outside what was RBS in Shandwick Place – it was originally taken by a photographer for the Edinburgh Evening News or perhaps The Scotsman.  That picture has bugged me for years; I first saw it Douglas Healy’s John Lennon in Edinburgh, than as what I assume was a colourised version of the black and white original in an Evening News supplement a few years ago – but all searches of the websites of each paper yield nothing.

Maybe they just lost the negative?

I’ll try to get a good scan soon and add it to the site.

3 thoughts on “The Beatles in Scotland by Ken McNab

  1. Thanks for the heads up re Beatles book. Did you know that the Scottish Beatle’s name was Stuart Fertgusson (two s’s) Sutcliffe?


  2. Meant to add that the picture you refer to of John and Yoko outside RBS in Edinburgh was in the hardback edition of Beatles in Scotland but left out of the paperback. It’s a good picture and captures John at his long-haired best. I probably have a scan of it somewhere if you want to post it online or something.


  3. Hi Ken,
    Thanks for dropping in with this information – The Beatles in Scotland is a fine book indeed.
    I knew about Stu Sutcliffe’s middle name, but only since 2000 when I saw the reproductions of The Beatles’ work permits for Hamburg. By my mum’s take on genealogy (1968 redaction,) between that and the fact of Stu’s birthplace we should be at least brothers…
    If you have a good copy of the John and Yoko picture, I’d love a scan of it. Did you get it from anywhere to do with Scotsman Publications? I’ve also seen what I assume was a colourised version about ten or fifteen years ago in a supplement with the Evening News, so I guess then they still had access to the negative or a good print.


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