Lady Mondegreen


Tony Hancock Sid James


A mondegreen is a mis-hearing of a lyric, the most hackneyed citation being Jimi Hendrix’ “‘scuse me while I kiss this guy…”

I was listening to Deacon Blue’s “Fergus Sings the Blues” on a bus tonight and realised I’d been mondegreening this for many an unexamined year. And as a piece of mis-hearing, it’s a belter.

The song is, of course, about the unrequited and indefatigable figure of the Scottish soulboy, in the Campsies, dreaming of Memphis. So why have I always misheard

“Homesick James, my biggest influence…” as

“Oh, Sid James, my biggest influence…”

Why did I never question this? Why would Hancock’s nemesis, the lover of the salt beef sandwich, be referenced alongside James and Bobby Purify? Carry On Songwriting?


Mondegreen Jimi Hendrix

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