Lady Gaga with The Rolling Stones

Lady Gaga Mick Jagger

No idea what she was thinking about here. She wasn’t even born the last time the Stones made a good album.

As an arriviste New Yorker, maybe it’s the fascination with English nobility, the breathing of the same air as Sir Michael of the Cheltenham Delta…anyway, let’s hope hanging out with the old boys will help Gaga get her mojo back a bit for her next album after the fairly disappointing Born This Way (the title track and “Government Hooker” excepted.)

She’s clearly past the point where her own colossal talent is a delightful surprise to her, at the time of and in the act of creation; I hear that same thing at work in Prince for most of the eighties, the early Dylan records, almost all of the Beatles’ work and certainly Laura Marling.

Dylan transcended that early free ride, The Beatles didn’t have to, Prince internalised out of sight and I sure hope that Lady Gaga and Laura Marling can pull off what Dylan did; actually learning to do what was once unconscious to create even better work.

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