Glen Campbell and Jimmy Webb – In Session

Glen Campbell and Jimmy Webb in session

I bought this out of duty a few weeks ago in FOPP in Glasgow the morning after the Michael Nesmith show – bought out of duty to my love of both Glen Campbell and Jimmy Webb, but with the feeling that here was another mis-directed tenner down the tubes; look at the packaging? Why release a recording of a 1983 Canadian TV show now?

When I got the guts to play it I was vindicated. Although clearly not recorded for audio beyond TV, all echoey, Mr Webb and Mr Campbell are on top form, enjoying a wee wander through the back pages that they together have turned. Mr Campbell is relaxed and loose and takes chances which he normally would not have; his delightful guitar arrangement of “Sunshower” (“and the thunder sits in the rumbleseat”) has a couple of flubs, but he’s not caring -“that’s a great line” he asides, then “I’m gonna get that right!” as he stops and starts again. Ragged and right.

When they do “Still Within the Sound of My Voice” at the end of the set, Mr Campbell is plain heroic. His whoop of joy at the end of the song says it all.

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