The Demise of The Word magazine

The winding up of The Word magazine this summer was a sad inevitability in the current climate and the current state of the music and entertainment industries.

Still, they wound it up with the class you would have expected from the purveyors of the last (and probably) first UK magazine to cover music, films and books in roughly equal proportions. Good writing, good layouts and always thought for the loyal subscribers; no redoubt in cliche, always excellent grammar and evidence that they did employ a proof reader.

I even had a letter in there once exploding the canard that there is no rhyme in English for the word “orange.” Mark Ellen emailed me back saying he’d let Leonard Cohen know…

So it was good today to get a CD in the post from them entitled Best of The Word Podcast (a gift for our loyal subscribers.) I used to quite often listen to the podcasts to use the time taken for a salutary walk home from work; all pretty good if you’ve a soft spot for a bunch of late middle aged blokes talking about Dylan and The Beatles (sounds familiar…)

Good guests as well; I remember Nile Rodgers, Steve Lillywhite, Graham Gouldman, Chas Hodges.

Looking at the track listing for the CD, I think I’m especially looking forward to the track called “The Daft Life of Ronnie Wood.”


Demise of Word magazine

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